Picnics and Tea Parties

Picnics and Tea Parties, Machine Quilting
Picnics and Tea Parties Blue Ribbon
Picnics and Tea Parties is a design often referred to as a border quilt since construction is made from multiple quilt border patterns surrounding a center block or medallion. The quilt is pieced traditionally, machine quilted, with double layer hand stitched binding. Cotton fabric, batting, and thread was used for piecing and quilting.

Machine Quilting (Piecework)   83 x 83  

Quiltmaker(s) and Credit
Quiltmaker - Paula Zowarka Ivy, Bee County - fabric selection, cutting, piecing, quilting, and finishing by Paula Zowarka Ivy.
Design acknowledgement goes to Rumpled Quilt Skins, Okotoks, AB Canada.
Official Go Texan Submission
Bee County
Artist Statement
‘Picnics and Tea Parties’ was named after the mystery was solved. This quilt was a mystery quilt, meaning the quilter is initially given only fabric requirements and cutting instructions. At following times, construction steps are provided but only enough to keep the outcome a mystery. The last step gives the assembly instructions of previously sewn sections and reveals the mystery, the full picture of the quilt. The mystery quilt process helps teach fabric choice since it is important to use high contrasting fabrics in various colors and values to make a quilt pop. Once completed, this quilt made me think of spreading the quilt out to have a special picnic or tea party with my granddaughter. I have made this quilt with cotton fabric, batting, and thread; machine pieced and quilted with a meandering pattern; and hand-stitched double layer binding.