Patriotic Homestead Star

Machine Quilting | Piecework Red Ribbon
Patriotic Homestead Star
Submission Description
Homestead Star pattern in red, white, blue, and cream
76 x 64 x 0.25
Quiltmaker(s) and Credit
Pieced by Debra Kollman of New Ulm, Texas
Machine Quilted by Sharon Heimann of New Ulm, Texas
Pattern: Jodi Barrows
Official Go Texan Submission
Austin County
Artist Statement
My name is Debra Kollman. I reside in New Ulm, Texas, in Austin County. I began quilting after I retired and have really enjoyed making quilts for friends and family. I am a member of the Bluebonnet Area Quilt Guild in Bellville, Texas and the Colorado Valley Quilt Guild in LaGrange, Texas. These guilds offer programs and workshops which have helped me learn many new techniques.
I purchased this pattern book several years ago and finally got to make this quilt in 2020. Jodi Barrows has developed a system that makes quilting fun and easy.
It was my pleasure to make this quilt for the Austin County Go Texan Committee.