Right Angle

Right Angle, Machine Quilting
Right Angle Blue Ribbon
I used quilting cotton on the front. I ice-dyed a piece of cotton for the back to color match the front. Color matched with 5 thread colors on the front and back. Machine Pieced and Machine Quilted on my Domestic Machine by me. Hand finished binding.

Machine Quilting (Wall Hanging)   60 x 50.5 x 1  

Quiltmaker(s) and Credit
Pieced and quilted by Cristina Kubicki Curtis
Pattern: "L is For" by Sarah Ruiz
Artist Statement
As an engineer by day and a quilter by night this quilt is a perfect representation of my life. The structured right angles that form L's on the front are the structure and straight path of my daytime routine, but at night I'm a little more free form and chaotic. The ice-dyed back that is color matched to the front but free flowing is more my quilting personality. The beautiful quilting was also a methodical approach throughout 2020 that I turned to for something to do during the long months of quarantine. The variations and color matching were a fun challenge.